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The project is to encode the three planning problem instances specified filling the template files as shown in the repository’s folder pddl_template.

The Domain - Real Player Game Scenario

Help the hero to get out of dungeon!

A hero woke up in a dungeon full of monsters and traps (perhaps the party last night went wrong…) and needs your help to get out. Here are basic facts for the dungeon domain:

  • The dungeon contains rooms that are connected by corridors (dungeon can thus be represented by undirected graph)
  • each room can be empty, or can have a monster in it, or can have a trap in it, or can have a sword in it
  • one of the empty rooms is the goal: it has an exit, so the hero can escape

The hero is lucky since she/he has full knowledge about the dungeon. But not that lucky – just after the hero leaves each room s/he visits, the room is destroyed and cannot be visited again.

The hero can perform the following actions – but only if s/he is alive!

  • The hero can move to an adjacent room (connected by a corridor) that has not been destroyed (i.e., the hero has not already visited the room)
  • Pickup the sword if present in the room the hero is currently in and the hero is empty handed
  • Destroy the sword that the hero currently holds. However, this can have unpleasant effects if done in a room with a trap or a monster: it triggers the trap or invites the monster to eat the hero.
  • Disarm a trap – if there is a trap in the room the hero is in and the hero is empty-handed (does not hold a sword), then the hero can disarm it

However, there are some (dangerous) constraints the hero has to consider:

  • If the hero enters a room with a monster in it, s/he has to carry a sword (so the monster is afraid of him/her), otherwise the monster kills him/her. Notice that the hero is pacifist, so s/he cannot kill the monster.
  • If the hero destroys the sword in a room with a monster in it, the monster kills him/her as well.
  • The only action the hero can safely perform in a room with a trap in it is the disarm a trap action. Any other action (even moving away) triggers the trap which kills the hero.

Important: We recommend reading the description carefully several times to make sure you fully understand it before starting coding in PDDL.

Domain Implementation

Problem 1

The problems are specified such that cells stand for rooms and edges between them represent corridors. I is the hero’s initial position, G is hero’s desired goal position, $S_i$ indicates a sword, M is a monster, and T stands for trap. Good luck!



Problem 2



Problem 3


Planimated Example Solution




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