Completed AZ-900 Beginner’s Guide Udemy Course

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Cloud Computing is the next big thing, just look around you at how the digital world is evolving. Big players such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google are working towards the goal of allowing customers to embrace cloud computing.

Microsoft has made big strides in this domain, and its no surprise as to why they are one of the leaders when it comes to Cloud Computing.

This course is designed to help students get themselves familiar with Microsoft’s Cloud platform, Microsoft Azure.

In this course I learnt the following:

  1. Creating a Free Account in Azure
  2. Working with Virtual Machines
  3. Working with Azure Storage - BLOB, Table, Queues, Files
  4. Introduction to Azure SQL Databases and CosmosDB
  5. Basic Networking concepts in Azure
  6. A Basic understanding on various services such as Azure Functions, Azure Logic Apps, Azure Scale Sets etc.

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